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5 Steps to De-Winterizing Your AC for Spring

For people with central air systems, they have invested a lot of money in them and thus take pretty big steps to keep them operating for many years. This means putting them through the process of winterization, whereby they’re covered up and maintained during the cold-weather season in order to ensure they function properly when late spring and summer get here.

Though while you may know about how to winterize your central air system, you may not know how to de-winterize it, so that it operates like new for the hot-weather season. Here are some tips you can use to de-winterize. If all else fails, you can find AC repair in Calgary to help, but these tips are good DIY steps.

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5 Ways to De-Winterize your AC System 

1) Open it All Up to Clean and Inspect 

This is also applicable to people who want to perform HVAC systems maintenance. Although the system is running during the winter, it will help to follow these steps to ensure it runs smoothly. That being said, the first thing you want to do is uncover the system to begin de-winterizing the AC. Check for leaves and debris that have accumulated, and remove it all. Check for mold and fungus, which could have formed due to stagnant water resting in the system all winter. Clean your system properly at its hub and remove any issues you find. 

2) Check Your Ducts 

Central air maintenance extends past the machine and into your ductwork in the home. You can check to make sure nothing is obstructing the ducts; clean out all the dust and cobwebs, and even check to make sure small animals haven’t nested inside, like rodents. You can clean out the opening and check the rest with a good flashlight to reduce the likelihood of incurring AC repairs in your Calgary home. You’ll want these ducts clear. 

3) Check the Fluids 

Your central air system will have a large Freon tank, which provides the cool lines that blow out cold air. Check to make sure the tank is intact and that it’s full. You can easily find this tank by removing the cover of your central AC unit. You’ll simply need a few tools, and it’s easy work. 

4) Give it a Test Run 

Next up, give it a test run. Make sure the temperature isn’t set to any cool settings, only the fan, and let it blow for a while. This will really clear things out and allow the motor to rev up and get ready to run for the upcoming season. 

 5) Have it Looked at to Determine if you need AC Repair in Calgary 

If you followed these steps yet still encounter any issue, then it’s time to seek quality AC repair in Calgary to assist you. If you even suspect something’s amiss with the system, have the professionals come to look at it which is better than having to replace the entire system. 

The process of de-winterizing doesn’t have to be a complicated one. With the rest steps, you can keep your central air system running well for years to come.

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