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When your plumbing system is struggling with backflow problems, which results in dirty water coming back up your drains, it is time to bring on board an expert. This is where our commercial plumbing repair professionals can make the difference for your workplace. We have the expertise and skills to make any backflow problems go away. Here is how Western Canadian can help you with your backflow/cross-connection issues: 


  • Offering you competitive prices for all your backflow testing problems and services. We can restore your plumbing so it flows properly within an affordable budget. 
  • Our testing and maintenance services will ensure that your backflow system complies with all building codes and regulations for the City of Calgary. 
  • If you still have backflow problems, we will come down and provide you with a quote for repairs right away.

Commercial Fixture Repairs & Replacements

Fixtures are a critical part of your water flow through your commercial properties. To ensure that they are working as they should, it is important that any repairs or replacements be made on the spot. With our expertise, we can quickly make any repairs to your fixtures and solve any issues that you might have with your commercial fixtures. This is why you should get repairs as soon as possible: 


  • Signs for fixture issues can include leaks, cracks and other inefficiencies. These signs could be masks for much larger problems. 
  • The earlier you make repairs, the cheaper it will cost you in the long-term. If you notice any problems, contact us as soon as possible. 
  • With our expertise and skill, we can handle all sorts of our fixture repairs and replacements on the spot. We’re skilled at all emergency situations.

Commercial Drain Cleaning

With commercial drain cleaning, you can prevent any major issues happening with your plumbing system. Drain cleaning will stop any emergency solution as well as prevent any larger issues down the line. It is imperative that you consider commercial drain cleaning to prevent ongoing damage. Here is how Western Canadian Furnace can help you: 


  • Our expertise and skill at performing video inspections and other efficient procedures can help determine the extent of the blockage in your drains. 
  • Our technicians are severely passionate and skilled at making sure you know all the key points before we conduct any cleaning.
  • We are committed to providing commercial drain cleaning to all our clients for an affordable price. You have a budget to maintain and we aim to stay in it.

Commercial Pump Repairs & Replacements

Transform your pump repairs and replacements with our expert team. When you need a pump repair or a complete replacement, you can call the experts here at Western Canadian. We strive to make the difference for your system with our expertise, skills and passion. We’re committed to making efficient repairs unless replacement is necessary, and we provide you with in-depth information so that you can make the right decision. 


  • If you are facing an emergency, you can trust us to come to your aid. We pride ourselves on our prompt times and effectiveness. With around-the-clock emergency services, there is never a time we can’t help you. 
  • We provide reasonable prices that are competitive in the Calgary area. You don’t have to worry about being priced-out of a badly needed service. We will give you a free quote before any work starts so you can solve the problem. 
  • We also provide routine maintenance for your pumps to avoid major issues down the line.

Commercial Toilet Repairs & Replacements

There is nothing worse than having a broken down toilet in your office. So why not get it replaced or repaired by the best plumbing team in Calgary? Western Canadian have the leading toilet repair and replacement technicians on-hand, ready to help you at moment’s notice. We can help anytime you are suffering from an emergency. And here’s why: 


  • We’re available if an emergency arises. Such is our skill and experience, we can assess the condition of our toilet system and make the necessary repairs. 
  • All our services are available within an affordable and competitive budget. You don’t have to worry about us going forward as we make sure we stay within an affordable range. 
  • We deliver trustworthy on-the-spot information to help you make the right decision for your commercial property.

Flushometer Repairs & Replacements

Flushometers are vital for your plumbing system. Thankfully, the likes of Western Canadian can help you. As certified tradesmen, we have all the training and hands-on experience that comes with flushometer repairs. We have a fully understanding how they work, and can provide a fast and effective solution to restore them. With on-the-spot quotes free of charge, you can experience the best service for the lowest prices with our team. Here are some others things to expect with our team: 


  • We are a positive team that accepts any challenge or job ahead of us. We will bring a positive attitude and smile to all flushometer repairs and replacements. 
  • Our services are affordable and competitive for everyone. We make sure that we can complete the job within a budget that works around for your needs and requirements.
  • We’re available for emergency service around the clock. If something goes wrong in the middle of the night, don’t hesitate to contact our team.

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Before you worry about your commercial plumbing service, you can give our team a call. Western Canadian stands out as a leader in the industry thanks to our expertise, skills and delivery. When it comes to commercial plumbing repairs in Calgary, reach out to our team today. We can be your savior!