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Backflow systems are designed to prevent dirty water from flowing into the clean water supply. Our plumbing repair professionals have the expertise needed to test the backflows, do repairs and install a new system. After installation, routine backflow testing ensures that the system remains efficient over time. 

Why call Western Canadian for your backflow / cross connection testing?

  • We’re committed to offering competitive prices for all backflow testing services. Our goal is to help every client maintain their plumbing without overwhelming their maintenance budget.
  • Our testing and maintenance services will ensure that your backflow system complies with all building codes and regulations. We submit all paperwork to the City of Calgary.
  • Should your backflow fail, we will send a quote for repairs right away.

Fixture Repairs & Replacements

Your plumbing fixtures are critical to the flow of water through your home or business. They ensure that water drains from your sinks and tubs without leaking. When a fixture starts to leak or otherwise needs repair, our technicians are one call away. We can quickly determine the root of the problem and suggest the most efficient and affordable repairs. Here are some things that every property owner should know about their fixtures:

  • It’s generally cheaper and easier to fix a plumbing problem when it’s caught early on. If you see small signs of a leak or other inefficiencies, contact us right away. Waiting could turn a small issue into a major problem.
  • Seemingly minor issues with a fixture are often masks for much larger problems. If you suspect something isn’t working properly, it’s important to have the fixture inspected by a professional.
  • You can count on our experienced plumbers to respond quickly to emergency situations.

Drain Cleaning

Drain cleaning is sometimes a preventative measure that protects your property from costly backups. In other cases, cleaning your drains is the only solution to an emergency situation. Either way, our professional team of technicians responds quickly and takes immediate action to protect your property from ongoing damage. There are a few things that you should consider when determining if you need to schedule an appointment for drain cleaning.

  • We’re equipped to perform video inspections and other efficient procedures that can help determine the extent of blockage in your drains. This allows you to see firsthand if more thorough cleaning is necessary.
  • We understand that drain cleaning is a serious investment for your business/property. Our technicians are trained to thoroughly inspect your property and discuss all issues and options before you make the final decision.
  • We’re committed to offering the most competitive prices possible. We understand that you have a budget to maintain and that drain cleaning can be an unexpected cost.

Pump Repairs & Replacements

malfunctioning pump is a threat to the comfort of a living or working environment. When you need pump repair or a complete replacement, you can expect prompt response times, friendly service and affordable prices from the technicians at Western Canadian. We’re committed to making efficient repairs unless replacement is necessary, and we provide you with in-depth information so that you can make smart decisions on behalf of your property or business.

There are some things that you should know about pump repairs and replacements in Calgary:

  • We’re committed to prompt service, expert knowledge and quality parts, but we still provide reasonable prices that are competitive in the Calgary area.
  • We provide around-the-clock emergency services, so it’s never too late or too early to contact us about issues with your pump.
  • We provide free quotes after a thorough overview of your pump. Allow us to pinpoint the problem and come up with an efficient solution quickly.
  • Routine maintenance can prevent many pump repairs.

    Contact us for more information about preventing future breakdowns. We can service all resident and commercial properties, including rental homes, apartments and commercial buildings.

Toilet Repairs & Replacements

Are your urinals starting to show their age? Our technicians can get them back into proper working order without unnecessary interruption to your residential, professional or commercial bathrooms. Our team consists of certified plumbers with years of experience who understand
how urinals/toilets work below the surface. Allow us to use this expertise to benefit your property.

There are some things to consider if your toilets or urinals could use a little attention:

  • We’re available for prompt service if an emergency arises. We can also provide routine toilet or urinal maintenance and occasional repairs.
  • We deliver trustworthy information to help you make the right decision for your property.
  • Whether you have one urinal or toilet to repair or many spread over multiple properties, you can count on us to work efficiently and within budget.

    Contact us for a timely inspection. It’s always better to take action when the first signs of malfunction surface. This may save you from a more extensive repair in the future.

Flushometer Repairs & Replacements

The certified tradesmen at Western Canadian have the expertise needed to complete all types of flushometer repairs. We can provide on-the-spot quotes free of charge, and we have the manpower to service commercial properties of all sizes. Our technicians fully understand how flushometers operate and can provide fast and thorough service that doesn’t interrupt the flow of business within your facilities. We’re the secret to keeping your equipment functional at all times, and there are some things that you should know about our services:

  • We understand that you have a budget to maintain, and we pride ourselves on offering competitive prices for the Calgary area. We want to maintain your systems without causing financial stress.
  • We’re available for emergency service around the clock. Don’t hesitate to call us when something goes wrong at an inconvenient hour.
  •  Our certified experts provide trustworthy information and are always willing to answer questions. We arrive at your property with a positive attitude and friendly smile, and we work efficiently.
  •  We provide free quotes after thoroughly inspecting your property and determining the most efficient course of action. We do everything possible to stick to the budget while completing all repairs in a timely manner.

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Lasting Plumbing Repairs For Even The Toughest Problems

What seems like an impossible plumbing repair to a property owner is just another solvable problem for our certified technicians. Before you assume that your plumbing disaster will break your budget, contact the professionals for prompt plumbing repairs in Calgary. Our team can find and fix all leaks in your home or business.