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How Does An HVAC System Work

You know that your HVAC system is responsible for keeping your home warm during the winter and cool during the summer. But how does an HVAC system actually work? It’s important that you get a general idea so that you can diagnose problems and know when you’re in need of repairs.

First of all, your HVAC system is a ventilation system. This means that it circulates air around your home. The air is circulated out to all the vent ducts that are installed throughout your home.

To cool your air, the HVAC system uses a thermostat to monitor the temperature. When it detects that the temperature is higher than the determined range, it will start running the fan. The fan will start to draw in warm air from your home and pass through the evaporator coil

This is where the refrigerant absorbs the hot air and cools it as it passes through a condenser coil. This is when a blower fan starts to blow the chilled air back out to the air vents.

To heat the air inside your home, your HVAC system is connected to a furnace. The furnace is probably located in your basement or garage. The furnace will burn fuel and create hot air. A filtration system is used to remove dust and other byproducts. Then a fan is used to blow hot air through the air vents.

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In both of these functionalities, the filters play a very large role in your HVAC system. Since your HVAC system is constantly sucking in and distributing air, it’s going to move around a lot of dust, lint, and other pollutants. The filter is there to allow only clean air to circulate.

If you’re experiencing sudden allergies, weird odors, stuffiness, and decreased air quality, it’s time to replace the filter of your HVAC in Calgary. In some cases, the vents may be in need of cleaning as well. This happens when the filters haven’t been replaced for a long time.

If you are having issues with your HVAC in Calgary, it’s recommended that you find a qualified contractor to take a look at your system. In many cases, simple technical fixes will resolve the issue. But for older HVAC systems, repairs may be required to get your system running properly again.

Speak to your local professional to get as much information possible about furnace installation and repairs in Calgary. 

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