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How Humid Should You Keep Your Home?

Achieving the proper humidity levels in your home helps you stay comfortable and breathe more easily. But what is the proper level? Let’s take a look at humidity in your home.

What is Humidity?

There are two ways to measure humidity: absolute humidity and relative humidity. Absolute humidity is the amount of water in the air while relative humidity is a general measurement of 

the amount of water in the air in relation to the amount of water the air can hold. Relative humidity is the more important measurement for your home and comfort.

Problems with Too Little Humidity

Low indoor humidity levels create problems. Your skin, lips, eyes, and nasal passages become extremely dry and uncomfortable; you may get chapped lips or nose bleeds. Dry air is harder to breathe and may make allergy and asthma symptoms worse. Low humidity levels also make you feel colder and can damage the wood in your home.

Ideal Humidity Levels in Your Home

Ideal humidity levels vary slightly depending on the season. In summer, keeping your home at a relative humidity around 35-45% is usually comfortable. Increasing a little in winter to around 40-50% helps you feel warmer and more comfortable. A humidifier replacement or  installation can help you keep your home at an ideal humidity levels.

Controlling Indoor Humidity Levels with Calgary Heating Companies

The humidity in your home fluctuates depending on the climate, the time of year, and your daily lifestyle. Humidity is usually much lower in winter than in summer, but with Calgary’s dry climate, humidity levels are often low even during the summer. Investing in humidifier installation by a heating company in Calgary is the best way to control the humidity level in your home.

humidifier installation Calgary

Maintaining an ideal indoor humidity level with a humidifier installation by heating companies in Calgary helps keep your home comfortable all year long.

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