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How To Clean Air Conditioning Coils

The feeling of walking into an air-conditioned building after being out in the hot summer sun brings a wonderful sensation of respite. Once you’ve started to enjoy the benefits of air conditioning, it’s hard to imagine ever going back to living without its cooling effects. But, without proper AC coil cleaning and AC repair in Calgary, you’re air conditioning unit can break down. Turning your cool, refreshing indoors into a hot and stuffy building.

In today’s post, learn why it’s important to clean AC coils and how to clean them.

Why Clean AC Coils and Perform AC Repair in Calgary?

When air conditioning coils go too long without being cleaned, it can lead to various problems regarding the performance and quality of your air conditioner.  Because AC coils are exposed to a lot of airflow, are spaced closely together, and often are covered in moisture, they are prone to the buildup of dirt, dust, debris, and other contaminants.

Unfortunately, if you don’t clean your coils with regular air conditioning repair in Calgary, your AC unit won’t be able to function at its peak capacity. Dirty AC coils can result in:

  • Increased operating temperatures
  • Reduced comfort
  • Decreased cooling efficiency
  • Increased cooling costs
  • Increased system wear and tear
  • AC repair in Calgary/AC replacement

Dirty AC coils make your system work harder, less efficiently, and less effective on the whole. Avoid more expensive air conditioning repair down the road by investing in proper cleaning and maintenance to prevent bigger problems.

AC Repair in Calgary: Cleaning Air Conditioning Coils

There is more than one way to cleaning AC coils, let’s break them down.

Compressed Air

Cleaning AC coils with compressed air is the least invasive method of removing dirt and dust from your air conditioner. However, this method is usually reserved for systems that are located outside because when the dust is blown off with compressed air, it can blow all over the place. That’s not something you want to happen inside your building.

AC repairman acid washing air conditioner coils

Professional AC repair technicians blow compressed air through the coils in the opposite direction that the air normally travels. This is to push the dirt back through the system and out the same way it came in. Once the air has been used, the technician will use a shop vac to clean up any debris pushed out by the compressed air.

Commercial Cleaners

Instead of using the power of air to clean AC coils, your air conditioning repair technician may use one of several commercial cleaning solutions. These come in foaming cleaners for outdoor coils and self-rising cleaners for indoor coils. Some commercial cleaners are available in aerosol cans, while others are used in low-pressure sprayers.

Before using cleaners, your technician should do an initial cleaning with a fin brush or by hand to get rid of surface debris. Next, the cleaner is applied and then rinsed with water.

Household Detergent

Even though commercial cleaners are available, some technicians prefer to mix their own cleaning solutions. This works in much the same way as commercial cleaners but with the additional step of mixing the detergent in water. The detergent is then applied to the coils with a low-pressure sprayer, just like commercial cleaners.

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