A home humidifier attached to the return duct with a bypass connection to the supply hot air duct.

The Best Furnace Humidifiers in Canada

Adding a furnace humidifier to your home or business is a quick and easy way to increase the quality of air inside. Winters in Calgary can be incredibly dry, so taking that extra step to combat the static in your home can make all the difference. Additionally, such an investment can actually increase the value of your property. 


When it comes to purchasing a humidifier, it only makes sense that you would want to buy the best one there is. Let’s take a look at the different types and how they can benefit you.


Exploring the Best Types of Furnace Humidifiers in Canada


What do furnace humidifiers do?


Humidifiers are installed to counteract the drying effects of furnaces. In the winter, you may notice that your throat is dry when you wake up or that you’re getting electric shocks from everything you touch. This is a result of the furnace, which does pull moisture out of the air. In fact, humidity at less than percent can even cause nosebleeds.


Furnace humidifiers are used to regulate humidity levels in the air and will add moisture if the levels are too low.


What are the types of furnace humidifiers?


Steam Humidifier


Steam humidifiers operate by heating water to a boil and allowing the steam to filter into the air. This type can be considered a “healthier” humidifier, as it disinfects the water before it vaporizes. However, this style can be hard on your ductwork, as the droplets of water can cling to the insides and cause them to rust over time.

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This is generally a more expensive option. However, it has the ability to disperse a greater volume of humidity into the air at a time, thus making it more effective.


Evaporative Humidifier


Evaporative humidifiers are made up of a drum with a mesh or foam covering, which then turns and dips into a pan of water. Once they make contact, vapour emerges out of the drum. 


The major risk associated with this humidifier is if the water remains stagnant and unused for an extended period of time. This can lead to bacteria growing in the water. However, flow-through evaporative humidifiers eliminate this concern.


Evaporative humidifiers are generally the least expensive option to choose from.


Aerosol Humidifier


This is the least common furnace humidifier used, thanks in part to the degree of maintenance it requires. This type sprays a mist of water into the air, which then circulates throughout the home. However, the nozzle can clog, thus causing it to stop working.


When it comes time to install your furnace humidifier, ensure you contact a furnace repair and installation company. Humidifiers are connected to your furnace, so it’s important a trained professional handles the installation.


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