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What To Do When You Have a Plumbing Emergency?

Ever wondered what to do in a plumbing emergency? Discovering water all over the floor or gushing pipes is stressful, but with a few simple steps you can handle the situation like a pro. Here’s what to do when you have a plumbing emergency.

6 Steps To Handling A Plumbing Emergency In Calgary 

1.Stay Calm
It’s easy to freak out when facing a plumbing emergency, but this won’t help and often makes things worse. Instead, try to stay calm and make rational decisions.

2.Turn Off the Water Supply
The first thing to do in any sort of emergency involving Calgary plumbing is to turn off the water. If it’s a specific fixture that’s the problem, you can try turning off the water to that fixture. Otherwise, shut off the main water supply.

3.Turn Off Electrical Appliances
Water and electricity don’t mix; the electricity can travel through water and pose a threat to anyone in the house. Shut off the main electrical switch to your home for emergencies involving plumbing and heating in Calgary.

4.Clean What You Can during a Plumbing Situation
Start cleaning up as soon as possible. Excess water can damage walls, flooring, furniture, and more, so get it off the floor right away.

5.Don’t Attempt to Fix Plumbing and Heating Yourself
If you don’t know much about plumbing and heating in Calgary, don’t attempt repairs yourself. It’s easy to make things worse, resulting in more expensive repairs.

6.Call a Calgary Plumber
Don’t wait to call for professional assistance. If you face a plumbing emergency, call a plumber right away. Keep the number of a trusted plumber who offers emergency services on hand so you’ll be ready.

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