Winter Ready Furnace

Tips for Getting Your Furnace Winter-Ready 

It’s that time when the temperatures start to drop, and you need to prepare your furnace for winter. It may seem too early, but starting now will help ensure you’re not caught unprepared in the middle of winter when you could spend more time with your family instead of crawling under your house, trying to figure out why the heating isn’t working properly. Here are some tips to prepare your furnace for winter to prevent needing to reach out for furnace repair in Calgary.

Tips to Avoid Reaching Out for Furnace Repair in Calgary This Winter 

Schedule to Clean Your Furnace Early 

If you call for a service appointment in the winter when there is snow on the ground, your cleaning crew might be unable to access your furnace easily and may have to reschedule their visit. Ideally, if you’re experiencing issues that can prevent someone from reaching your furnace, you should schedule an appointment as soon as possible before colder months hit. You will thank yourself for doing so sooner than later since you don’t want to call for furnace repair when your furnace breaks down in the middle of winter, leaving you and your home cold. 

Check & Change Your Furnace Filter

The best practice to prepare your furnace for winter is changing the filter. If the filter is dirty, you will be spending more on energy bills and higher repair costs. When you change your filter, be sure that there are no tears or holes so that air isn’t leaking out of your furnace.

Switch Your Furnace Thermostat

Once the air has cooled outside, you must change your thermostat setting from cooling to heating. That’s so the furnace will begin working in advance of when it’s necessary and start saving you money on your heating bills.

Ensure Furnace’s Burners are Free of Dust & Debris

The burners of your furnace distribute hot air throughout your home. If any of them are blocked with debris, you won’t get the most efficiency out of your furnace. You should schedule a service appointment to have someone come out and clean the burners whenever you notice they’re not distributing heat properly or if you experience an increase in repair bills.

Have All Heating Vents Completely Uncovered

While it might seem like this is a minor detail, you should ensure that all of your furnace’s vents are completely uncovered so that the inside isn’t too warm or too cold. You may also want to consider insulating your attic so that less heat is lost between the floor and ceiling. The heat loss must be cooled by the heat coming in from your furnace.

Clean the Outside of Your Furnace

You will most likely see a difference in your furnace’s efficiency if you take the time to clean the outside of your furnace. Consider using a power washer to clean it when you notice anything staining your furnace. It will ensure that the outside of your furnace is clean and free of any clogs that might prevent warm air from coming through easily.

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