How Important is Furnace Cleaning?

You’ve probably heard that you should have your furnace cleaned, but why and how is it important? Keep reading to learn more about the importance of furnace cleaning.

Why Furnace Maintenance and Cleaning is Important

During its normal role keeping your house warm and toasty, your furnace takes in troublesome material. Dust, pet dander, dirt, mould spores, and other particulate matter collects in furnaces. Without furnace cleaning, this material can build up; it can then spread around your house through the air ducts when you use the heating system. This can trigger allergies or make you more prone to colds.

Allowing debris to build up in the furnace can also affect its performance. As particulate matter collects in the system, it can cause additional wear that may lead to more frequent furnace repairs in Calgary.

Furnace Cleaning Calgary


When to Schedule Calgary Furnace Repairs and Cleaning

Schedule a professional furnace cleaning once or twice a year. Usually, the most important time is prior to winter. This clears out any dirt, dander, and other debris that has built up over the past months before heavy use begins. It’s also a good opportunity for a technician to inspect the unit and make sure it’s in peak operating condition.

The other time that cleaning is often recommended is after the winter. This is a great time to remove any material that’s built up during months of heavy use and again to check the condition of the unit. If your system needs major furnace repairs in Calgary, spring is a great time to get them done. Furnace companies are usually less busy and you’ll have plenty of time to schedule furnace repairs in Calgary at a time that’s convenient.

Cleaning your furnace is an important part of routine maintenance for your home. Scheduling a cleaning today to prepare your system for winter.

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