Steps To Preparing Your Furnace For Winter

You prepare for winter by dressing snug and warming up your car engine every morning. However, what about your house? Before you crank the thermostat up this winter, you need to prepare your furnace as well. Here are four simple steps to get started. 1- Prepare Your Furnace for Winter by Testing the Thermostat Give […]

How Important is Furnace Cleaning?

You’ve probably heard that you should have your furnace cleaned, but why and how is it important? Keep reading to learn more about the importance of furnace cleaning. Why Furnace Maintenance and Cleaning is Important During its normal role keeping your house warm and toasty, your furnace takes in troublesome material. Dust, pet dander, dirt, […]

Preparing Your Plumbing and Heating Systems For Summer

Summer is the perfect time of year to enjoy plenty of activities in the great outdoors. An untimely problem with your plumbing or HVAC system could leave you stuck inside waiting for repairs instead of enjoying the sunshine. Don’t let this happen to you. Prepare plumbing & heating in Calgary for summer to help keep […]

How to Avoid Emergency Furnace Repair

Furnaces are tough pieces of equipment that are largely ignored. This is fine most of the time, but it’s smart to give your furnace a little attention on a regular basis. Doing so can help you avoid untimely breakdowns that leave you shivering as you wait for repairs. Reduce the need for emergency furnace repair […]

When to Schedule Furnace Maintenance

Your furnace is a vital component of your home. It provides you with comfort and heat, guaranteeing your safety and security. It means it is imperative that you get your furnace checked by a professional. But for a lot of people, the question is: when do I schedule my furnace maintenance? The Best Times To […]

When to Get Your Hot Water Tank Replaced

A lot of homeowners don’t even notice if their hot water tank isn’t working because they don’t keep an eye on it. But you should look out for signs that your hot water tank might need to be replaced. Signs To Look Out For So You Can Get Hot Water Tank Replaced Your Water Is […]

5 Benefits of Having a Humidifier Installed This Winter

Winter can be a grizzly, freezing time of the year. It can also be a time when your body goes through a lot, your home is cold, and you need to pick up your spirits. It is for these reasons that people are getting humidifiers installed in their Calgary homes this winter. The benefits are […]

Troubleshooting Tips to Try Before Calling a Calgary Furnace Repair Company

Are you noticing that your furnace isn’t working as well as it should be? The chances are you are going to have to contact a furnace repair professional in Calgary to help you. But before you give up totally, why not try some of these troubleshooting tips below? Heating Companies In Calgary Will Check The […]

How to Find the Right Commercial HVAC Company in Calgary

If you’re in need of commercial HVAC services, make sure you hire the right company. When it comes to HVAC companies and technicians, there are some things you should look out for and things you might want to avoid. A Certified Commercial HVAC Company As you shop around for a commercial HVAC company to do […]