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How Often to Clean Ducts? 

Most of us ignore duct cleaning unless we experience some issues. However, your ducts will start collecting dust and debris, leading to poor performance. As a result, you might end up spending more on energy. Besides, ducts might get molds, rodents, and insects if you avoid maintenance for a long time. All these will impact your indoor air quality and might aggravate the existing respiratory issues. You can prevent all these conditions with regular cleaning and maintenance. You can follow the instructions of heating companies in Calgary to know when cleaning is due. You can also go through the following to boost the performance and efficiency of your unit.

What Calgary Heating Companies Recommend with Cleaning Ducts

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How to Know When Cleaning Is Due 

Your ducts will get dirt and debris even if you invest in the best filters. Some particles will escape the filter and enter the system in different ways. Many think they have a quality filter and do not need to clean their ducts. However, you can change this perception if you want improved purified indoor air, performance, and advanced durability.

You can take extra caution while living in a highly polluted area. The pollution will cause dirt deposits in the duct and impact the air quality of your home. 

However, here are a few signs that indicate a much-needed cleaning.

  • Mold growth on the ducts
  • Insects and rodents on the ductwork
  • Smelly air or polluted indoor air
  • Black debris outside the vents or filter

All these signs indicate that your ducts require cleaning. The condition will be worse if you avoid cleaning. Also, you will have to spend more time and effort when dirt deposits and insect infestation cause irreparable damage to the duct. Hence, you can consider cleaning when you notice the first signs of dirt collection.

You can clean an average duct system every three to five years. You can follow the instructions of Calgary heating companies to avoid any confusion. With regular cleaning, you can boost performance and delay professional maintenance.

When Should I Clean? 

The best time to clean your ducts is the early fall or the spring once you stop using the HVAC system for cooling and heating purposes. You can consider cleaning before reusing your system. 

You might have experienced a musty or musty smell when running your system. In that condition, you will need professional help. However, you can clean your ducts regularly to avoid professional cleaning. Duct cleaning will not require a lot of time, but it will improve your indoor air quality and boost the efficiency of your system. 

If you notice any smell, consider cleaning your ducts without a second thought. Smell means poor air quality, but you can improve it with cleaning and maintenance.

Ensuring Cleanly Ducts

You can clean your ducts every three to five years to improve the performance of your system. However, you might need frequent cleaning when living in a highly polluted area. The duct will attract pollutants, and you will breathe polluted air inside your home if you avoid cleaning. Regular cleaning might not require more effort, but you will notice a difference in your indoor air quality and the performance of your system.

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