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When to Get Your Hot Water Tank Replaced

A lot of homeowners don’t even notice if their hot water tank isn’t working because they don’t keep an eye on it. But you should look out for signs that your hot water tank might need to be replaced.

Signs To Look Out For So You Can Get Hot Water Tank Replaced

  • Your Water Is Not Warming Up
    Perhaps the first sign that you know there are problems with your hot water tank. When your water is not warming up or takes too long, then it could be a sign you got issues. You should get it checked out as soon as possible.
  • If The Hot Water Tank Is Leaking
    If you notice that your hot water tank is leaking then you know you got serious problems. You should be looking to get it replaced by a plumber and heating company in Calgary.
  • How Long The Hot Water Lasts
    Depending on how long the hot water lasts is a good indicator if your hot water is working at its best or not. If it takes too long to get hot or doesn’t last long at all, then you might need some hot water tank repairs, or possibly a replacement.
  • The Pilot Light Turns Off
    Without the pilot light working, your hot water will not be warming up any time soon. A pilot light is an igniter that kick-starts your hot water. If yours does not work, you can get it replaced it quickly. But make sure you get it checked it out by a professional plumbing and heating company in Calgary in case there are any other issues behind it.
  • Rusty Water
    If you notice that water coming out of your water tank has a rusty color to it, this is a definite sign that you are facing problems. While hot water tank repairs might manage the issues, it could be better in the long run if you get it replaced.
  • The Age Of The Tank
    One of the most common reasons why your tank might be facing issues is because the age of your tank is getting passed its use-by-date. Check the age of your water tank, and if it is older than a decade or so, chances are you need a get a new one in your home.

Get A Plumbing & Heating Company In Calgary To Check It Out

If you suspect that your hot water tank is suffering any of these signs, or is it not working at all, you should reach out and contact a heating company in Calgary. A professional will be able to take an in-depth look at your heater and make any repairs or replacements if needed.

When you’re in need of a plumbing and heating company in Calgary, turn to Western Canadian Furnace Company. We have some of the most experienced technicians and use the most modern equipment for all of your needs. Contact us at 403-531-6181 or send an email to [email protected]

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