Tips for Getting Your Furnace Winter-Ready 

It’s that time when the temperatures start to drop, and you need to prepare your furnace for winter. It may seem too early, but starting now will help ensure you’re not caught unprepared in the middle of winter when you could spend more time with your family instead of crawling under your house, trying to […]

How Long Does A Gas Furnace Last?

Those who work in furnace repair in Calgary are typically the ones who have seen the complete life expectancy of a gas furnace. From installation, inspections, possible repairs and maintenance, and eventual replacement. They have a clear idea of how long a gas furnace can last. But, for the average person, it’s not exactly common […]

What is the Cost to Replace My Furnace?

Furnace repair requires a particular set of skills and knowledge. There are many different types of furnaces that need to be repaired. However, the one type of furnace to concentrate on should be the most common – a gas unit furnace. See what goes into furnace repair and how the costs stack up to warrant […]

Signs You Need A New Furnace

The furnace is essential in any household. It is typically installed to provide warmth throughout the house during winter. With anything, a furnace will eventually reach its lifespan and needs to be replaced with a newer model if it stops functioning or becomes unreliable. It can certainly pose an issue during the winter – after […]

Best HVAC Tips For Winter

Winters in Calgary bring not only cold temperatures and snow – but also drier air. When there is less moisture in the air, it can stir up issues ranging from damages in your home to even your health. During winter, HVAC is more important than ever.  HVAC Calgary experts are here to prevent potential winter […]

Winter Furnace Maintenance – Why You Need It | HVAC Calgary

Winters in some places can be very cold, snowy and harsh, which means that you need to be well prepared for the arrival of winter so that you won’t have to face severe weather conditions. During this season, the most important appliance you will need is a furnace that will come to your rescue to […]

The Top Furnace Brands in Canada

The furnace is one of the most important components of any building, either residential or commercial. Without the heat that a furnace provides, your home life or business can get turned upside down. For example, we all know that a happy workforce is a productive workforce, so just imagine the impact that a broken furnace […]

The Best Furnace Humidifiers in Canada

Adding a furnace humidifier to your home or business is a quick and easy way to increase the quality of air inside. Winters in Calgary can be incredibly dry, so taking that extra step to combat the static in your home can make all the difference. Additionally, such an investment can actually increase the value […]

Furnace Repair Cost In Calgary

Everyone who has a furnace knows that you have to budget for repairs and maintenance. So it helps to know what those repairs might cost you in the long-term.  But before we get to that, it’s best to hire to understand what might impact the cost of furnace repairs in Calgary.  What can Impact the […]

How To Prepare Your Furnace For Spring

Furnace repair in Calgary can be an exciting and quick process when you take the time to learn about the needs of your furnace. Like all expensive purchases, reading through the owner’s manual and following the maintenance schedule will be the best way to prepare yourself to meet the needs and expectations of your furnace, […]